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Greek Lighting Committee

Greek Lighting Committee

PO Box 20048
11810 Athens

+30 210 349 0119

ABOUT Greek Lighting Committee

The Hellenic Lighting Committee (abbreviated EFA) was founded in July 2002 as a non-profit civil society based in the National Observatory of Athens at the Nymph Hill (Thissio, Athens). In November of that year, she was recognized by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) as the official national representative of Greece and became an equal member.

The EFA aims to promote international lighting standards, to participate in the CIE Technical Committees to develop international lighting standards and to provide information on current scientific and technological developments in the fields of image technology, photobiology and photochemistry, Indoor and outdoor lighting of natural or artificial lighting, photometry and other fields of activity relevant to the broad field of knowledge of the field.

For the achievement of its goals it cooperates with enterprises and organizations of the Private and Public Sector, organizes scientific conferences and training seminars of national and international scope and capitalizes on the domestic scientific potential in the development of its activity. Members of the ATO may be individuals or companies with sufficiently well-established involvement in any of the above areas upon request, which is considered by the Board of Directors.

EFA is the neutral and reliable provider of state-of-the-art lighting services in Greece. The main range of services includes:

Drafting lighting standards on the instructions of the institutions
Expert opinions and arbitrations on lighting issues (see example here)
Training programs
Photometric documentation & quality certification in lighting projects
Identification and description of the supplies to be given in the notices and contests of lighting projects
Organization of thematic training seminars / conferences and conferences on lighting

Greek Lighting Committee


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