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Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36
8055 Graz




XAL is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lights and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and homes. The headquarters of the company founded in 1989 are located in Graz, Austria. The passion for light has brought XAL far, not only technically – as an LED pioneer for example – but also geographically: today XAL is a global company with around 1,300 employees, its own research, production and sales sites in 30 international locations, and a partner network that spans five continents. Welcome to the world of XAL.

Mission Statement

It is our objective to develop lighting solutions, which are extraordinary in terms of energy efficiency, functionality and design. For that, technical competence and intelligent innovation are just as important as first-class know-how in production and design. These competences enable us to respond very flexibly to our customers’ requirements and also realise specially tailored LED-solutions in an extremely short time.

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The new headquarters of the non-profit organisation Fondazione Exclusiva, whose mission is to promote the creative scene in Italy and to facilitate international exchange between talented young artists, was set up in a former foundry in Rome. The historical industrial complex was reopened under the name of AREA81 at the end of 2015 after an extensive renovation. In addition to housing the main office, the space is also intended as a venue for the organisation’s ongoing series of exhibitions. Three functional zones were created at the historical site consisting of four buildings dominated by steel beams and naked brickwork: the reception area with workshop rooms, offices and archives, and the spaces for temporary exhibitions. The comprehensive redesign of the facility was driven by respect for the genius loci and the desire to maintain the industrial character of the place.

The lighting concept by Mama Design played a key role in the transformation of the structures in collaboration with the interior designers. On the one hand, the focus was placed on the natural light that penetrates the buildings by way of the glass fronts on the western side, while on the other, artificial light was to be used to amplify this effect and to infuse character into the rooms as a decorative, aesthetic element. Fourteen ring-shaped MINO 60 CIRCLE LED luminaires with varying diameters up to six metres form floating light sculptures and provide an additional design reference to the industrial architecture of the site.




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