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Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36
8055 Graz




XAL is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lights and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and homes. The headquarters of the company founded in 1989 are located in Graz, Austria. The passion for light has brought XAL far, not only technically – as an LED pioneer for example – but also geographically: today XAL is a global company with around 1,300 employees, its own research, production and sales sites in 30 international locations, and a partner network that spans five continents. Welcome to the world of XAL.

Mission Statement

It is our objective to develop lighting solutions, which are extraordinary in terms of energy efficiency, functionality and design. For that, technical competence and intelligent innovation are just as important as first-class know-how in production and design. These competences enable us to respond very flexibly to our customers’ requirements and also realise specially tailored LED-solutions in an extremely short time.

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2 Oaks House

The Vitosha mountain range rises to the south of Sofia. With some peaks over the 2,000-metre mark, it defines the entire silhouette of the Bulgarian capital. Its karst springs are considered a natural wonder.

It is no wonder, then, that the residential area amongst its foothills is one of best in the metropolis. Along with many other wealthy Bulgarians, the owners of a large property with two ancient oak trees were attracted to this place where the beauty of nature can be enjoyed close up and the city is just a stone’s throw away.

The owners wanted to conserve the two trees, which not only offer natural protection against the summer heat by creating their own micro-climate but also shape the surroundings as a whole. The architects quickly realised that they could only successfully incorporate them into the project if the trees became the focus of the design and the space was, as it were, arranged around them. In the process, one of the trees has even taken on a spatially functional role – it grows in the middle of the terrace, making the facade seem like paper folded around it.

On the u-shaped ground floor, which is all glass opening onto the garden, there is a kitchen, dining room, and living room. Because the long glass walls are designed as sliding doors, the living area can quickly and easily be converted into a covered terrace during the warmer months. One larger and two smaller bedrooms and an office are situated on the top floor. Because of the tree that grows out of the terrace, the upper floor gives the impression of walking amongst forest treetops.

All of the lighting was kept discreet. Long, narrow bands of light and scattered spotlights are integrated with maximum understatement in the restrained interior of the house.

2 Oaks House

2 Oaks House

2 Oaks House


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