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3F Filippi

3F Filippi

Via del Savena, 28
40065 Pian di Macina - Pianoro

+39 051 6529611

ABOUT 3F Filippi

We have been working with light for sixty years to familiarize with it, enhance it and offer it through our luminaires.

When we started we were striving to meet the fluorescent lighting demand of our local territory.
Now our products are available worldwide.

We work for our customers with the same passion of the past as when we were craftsmen, willing to make tailor-made luminaires to solve any lighting problem.

Our product lines cover any possible indoor and outdoor application, with luminaires that combine the best lighting results with energy saving features.

Our luminaires are manufactured using top quality raw materials that are assembled complying with the strictest European and international safety standards.We focused so much on luminaire design that the lines that were conceived for industry applications could be used also for houses and art galleries.

Sixty years of hard work that went by like a day.
We now look to the future with new energy and creativity.

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