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Aqua Gallery

Aqua Gallery

78 Grand Street
NY 10013 New York
United States

+1 212 219 9922

ABOUT Aqua Gallery

Our lights are beautifully made and detailed, using the most advanced and sustainable lighting technology. Our upholstery is hand made and finished, like a haute couture garment.

The idea of Aqua started in 1991 during Ayala’s pregnancy with our first
daughter. The notion that all life starts in water brought Ayala to create the first collection of functional art pieces, which developed into Ayala’s own visual language and positioned her as the pioneer of Organic Design.

Ayala and I built Aqua under one roof because we wanted to direct all
elements of creative and production. We started the atelier in 1994
working at our home which also functioned as Ayala’s artist studio and my photography studio. To this day, now located in a 4500 sqm former bakery, we design, develop, produce and distribute from one location and are loyal to the very same values. All pieces are handmade on order by skilled artisans who craft each piece individually, with utmost care and respect for the heritage.

With increasing demand for bespoke design and with an extended network of architects and interior designers, Aqua is in the perfect position to design and produce site specific lighting installations of any scale. Today Aqua continues to explore the sensibility and expression with a group of talented designers and keeps introducing new materials and forms.

While Ayala continues to design for the atelier, she focuses on
research and creates one-off and limited edition pieces under her own name which she exhibits in museums and galleries all over the world.
It is a joy to see Aqua being a part of many amazing commercial and
residential projects all over the world and we commit to pursuing our goal
to respect our heritage and create perfect products.

Albi Serfaty,
Managing Director

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