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Delta Light

Delta Light

Muizelstraat 2
8560 Wevelgem

+32 (0)56 435 735

ABOUT Delta Light

Delta light

At Delta Light – a Belgian family business – we design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects. We have been doing this through a global network since 1989, working on small and large scale houses, hotels, offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality environments.

Over the years Delta Light has grown to become a global player, offering lighting solutions and services in 120 countries worldwide. In that period the company established a network of inspiring showrooms and offices in most of the major design capitals in the world, from Sydney to New York, Amsterdam, Bogota, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Miami, London, Milan, Cape Town to Saint-Petersburg and many more.

The success of Delta Light  relies on a continuous search for perfection and innovation, in product design as well as in manufacturing techniques, quality control and customer support. A key element in Delta Light’s service approach is its extensive training program, with lighting experts demonstrating the latest installations methods, industry trends and product developments.

Building on its impeccable reputation as manufacturer of architectural lighting for private residences, Delta Light  has grown to become a household name and trendsetter when it comes to lighting designs for commercial and professional environments.

Delta Light  has catered for some of the world’s most well-known brands and architects, providing sophisticated and value adding lighting solutions. Ranging from retail to residential, office, public, showrooms to hospitality and landscape projects, small to very large scale, Delta Light  has the product range, experience and knowledge to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your projects.

Each project requires a customized approach, as such Delta Light distinguishes itself with an exceptional package of services and design tools. The global team works with all stakeholders involved to get the best possible result. Starting with lighting support all the way down to the installation process and direction of lighting as a function of its environment. Be it for technical or application questions, performance and energy saving studies, custom designs and made-to-measure solution, rendering or graphics needs, or any other lighting design related issue... Delta Light provides a one-stop-shopping solution for your projects.

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Ansto Minerals

“The new facility provides a strong identity for ANSTO Minerals, capturing some of the drama found in the landscape and climate of Australia’s Northern Territory where ANSTO's mining and minerals processing customers are located.
The translucent orange screen wrapping around the outside of the new building forms the dominant architectural element, provides sunshade during the day and plays with the semi transparency during the night.”, says Marc Diershcke of Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke Architects

“The characteristics of the different materials used, from off-form concrete to timber, is enhanced through the intelligent use of natural and artificial lighting. The play with light and materials creates internal spaces with differing characteristics and drama. A walk through the buildings becomes an experience with changing room proportions, view lines and lighting levels. The concept for this project used light fittings supporting the functionality of the laboratory and office areas, enhancing the detail of the break-out spaces and architectural futures like the bridge link and stair case.”

The architects worked with Delta Light’s local partner Inlite for a total lighting study. In addition to light lines the Supernova in its remarkable tilted application was selected, completed with Diro ST OK , Outfit and Grid in Trimless 2 for general lighting. The Logic recessed floor spots were used outside to illuminate the terrace.

Ansto Minerals

Ansto Minerals

Ansto Minerals


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