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Lucent Lighting UK Limited

Lucent Lighting UK Limited

1345 High Road
N20 9HR London
United Kingdom

44 208 442 0880

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ABOUT Lucent Lighting UK Limited

Lucent Lighting, based in London and New York, was founded in July 1990 to service the needs of lighting professionals worldwide.

In 2007, Lucent launched ProSpex, a range of architectural specification grade downlights. Since the launch, the company has been catapulted to the forefront of lighting specifications from lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world.

Lucent continues to strive to source, manufacture and supply lighting products which meet the aesthetic and technical specifications of our clients, whilst maintaining our position as the first choice partner for a number of prestigious projects, both at home and internationally.

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Spot Mini

Manufacturers: Lucent Lighting UK Limited id: 2125

ProSpex Spot is a range three sizes of track mounted spot fixtures which are available in three standard finishes. These die-cast aluminium fixtures come with integral ballasts/transformers, their adjustable heads accept up to two accessories held behind an anti-glare snoot.


Power 20W
Luminous Output 225lm
Drive Current -
Input Voltage 12V
CCT 3000K
Beam Option 10°-40°
CRI ≥95
Wiring -
Operating Temperature -
Lamp Base GU5.3
Lifetime Up to 5,000hrs
Dimming Options Leading or Trailing Edge

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