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Grupo Novolux

Grupo Novolux

Calle Ramón Berenguer,8
08130 Santa Perpetua de Mogoda – Barcelona

+34 93 5162005

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ABOUT Grupo Novolux

GRUPO NOVOLUX is an international company with over 35 years designing, developing and supplying quality and contemporary lighting fittings.

Established in 1981 in Barcelona (Spain), we are among the leading suppliers of the Spanish market, and the market leader in the segment of outdoor residential lighting.

With an extensive and complete range of over 4000 fixtures, we are a global one-stop supplier covering a wide spectrum of lighting applications and projects, from contract and hospitality to retail and residential among others.

Our range of luminaries is represented by 4 catalogues: Cristher (outdoor architectural), Dopo (outdoor residential), EXO (indoor decorative) and Indeluz (indoor technical).

High stocks and fast deliveries, personal and committed customer service together with a network of local distributors and agents, has allowed us to expand our presence worldwide over the last years currently exporting to over 50 countries, being the main ones:

  • Europe & Eurasia: France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania, Greece, Malta, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia.
  • Middle East and Africa: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco.
  • Latin America & Caribbean: Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica.

Grupo Novolux


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