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Nexo Luce

Nexo Luce

Strada Mirabella 10
46040 Cavriana

39 0376771513 -

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ABOUT Nexo Luce

NEXO LUCE offers a complete range of professional lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use. Our work is derived by passion and the will to produce unique versatile designs. Our care for quality and R&D positions our products amongst the best in the industry.

The people at NEXO LUCE come from decades of experience in professional lighting, optics and electronics. We are artists and technicians; and, we pride ourselves with the quality we deliver. All our products are manufactured and assembled by hand in our factory, according to “Made in Italy” best craft traditions. Every single fixture undergoes a series of strict quality control procedure before being released from our factory.

Controlled lighting and eco-friendly solutions are our main concern. Hence, our focus is mainly on the development of LED products.

NEXO LUCE is environmentally friendly

NEXO LUCE is a member of Ecolight, a consortium of lighting manufacturers, for the regulation of the products’ disposal at end of use, as per the European standards ROhS / WEEE.
Besides the production of LED devices designed for low energy consumption, long life and low maintenance, our UV and IR emission are equal to zero.

Customized solutions

We differentiate ourselves by our innovative and tailored made solutions. In addition to our standard range of products, we have invested in a department that specializes in the development of exclusive and custom-made fixtures produced to meet the most demanding designs.


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