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Lucitalia Milano S.r.l.

Lucitalia Milano S.r.l.

Via Monsuello, 211
25065 Lumezzane

39 0308925625

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ABOUT Lucitalia Milano S.r.l.

Lucitalia Milano S.r.l.

“LUCI illuminazione d’interni (indoor lighting)” was founded in 1966 and quickly became one of the most original and innovative manufacturers of modern design products.

LUCI’s notoriety raised to an International level with the creation of the Kandido table lamp in 1983 designed in collaboration with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

The list of prestigious designers who have collaborated with LUCI in its continual search for innovative designs include: Gianfranco Frattini with Abele, Adonis, Caltha, Ignazio; Toshiyuki Kita with Tomo, Giugiaro Design with Poe and Lucifaro, Rodolfo Bonetto with Rio, Flu and Todo. 

In 1989 LUCI changed into LUCITALIA in order to remark the excellence of Made in Italy products.  Over the years LUCITALIA evolved never losing its strong identity as a producer of high quality decorative modern design products which are functional and respect safety norms.

The LUCITALIA product range includes lighting fixtures and systems which lend prestige to any space (residential, executive office spaces, retail shops and windows, art galleries, etc.). 

More recent additions to the collection have been designed in the 90s such as the Accademia, Olla, Menhir, Stresa, Kri/Kriter systems, Karma and Krisma, designed by Asahara Sigeaki, and the Pragma, Zero series created by Francesco Brivio.

During the last few years LUCITALIA’ collection has been developed with  names such as Carlo Forcolini & Giancarlo Fassina with Larossa, Ikaru Mori with Adam, Fabio Princivalle with KM, Serge & Robert Cornelissen with Mono, Queen, Gabi Peretto with Ketamina, Diamond, Montenapoleone which created  popular and successful items rounding out the LUCITALIA collection.

Lucitalia Milano S.r.l.


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