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Insta Elektro GmbH

Insta Elektro GmbH

Hohe Steinert 10
58509 Lüdenscheid

49 23 519360

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ABOUT Insta Elektro GmbH

Insta Elektro GmbH was founded in 1970 by three well-known manufacturers of electronic installation appliances. As electronics technology centre with about 550 employees Insta develops and fabricates modules, components and systems for building system engineering and LED luminaires and the suitable controls for modern architectural lighting. More than 80 engineers develop for different product ranges to be able to react to market trends and customer requirements by the development of innovative products.

With more than 80 highly qualified engineers and computer engineers Insta develops products, systems and technologies mainly for building automation, building system engineering and lighting technology. With a basis of 40 years of experience, highly motivated employees and state-of-the-art tools, methods, processes and technologies today we develop our own as well as customer-specific tailor-made systems and products. Innovative – profitable – fast.

Electronics, systems, software and electromechanics in perfection for:

- building installation technology for light, shutter and energy management
- Bus systems of building system engineering like KNX, LON, Funk (eNet), IP
-based, DALI, DMX
- Lighting controls with instalight control, DALI, DMX, LEDTRIX, 1-10 V - LED indoor and outdoor luminaires
- Heating and air-conditioning technology, comprising temperature controls, room controllers, actuators
- operation, monitoring and visualization with Smart Displays, Touch Panels, Tablets and Smartphones

A team of qualified staff develops, plans and accompanies the fabrication process from the electronic modules through to the final product under certified quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9001/2008. 

- Quality as immanent factor of the Insta process landscape
- Design to Quality
- State-of-the-art test technologies (AOI)
- 100 % test
- Analysis of returned goods and change management

Focus of the Insta product range is on devices and systems of building system engineering and of lighting technology on LED basis. 

- LED project business
- LED luminaires
- Controls
- Components for lighting industry

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