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Nordlux A/S

Nordlux A/S

Karlskogavej 8
9200 Aalborg

45 98 18 16 11

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ABOUT Nordlux A/S

Since Nordlux was founded in 1977 the objective has been to offer quality products at low cost. This objective continues to be met and means that Nordlux can offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. It is important to Nordlux to keep up with the technological development in order to offer the best and most functional product to our customers.

Furthermore, it is important to Nordlux to be on the cutting edge of international trends and designs, so our products continue to be attractive to own.



Design for the people – Nordlux will constantly develop and produce design lighting at a price level addressing to the wide population. In addition, resulting in that Nordlux at any time is the preferred supplier for the consumer market.


We develop lighting for the wide population. We are motivated by result orientation, innovation, customer and service orientation as well as prioritisation of human resources. All of this at any time in harmony with moral themes such as social and environmental responsibility. 


Nothing influences more than enthusiasm...


At Nordlux Group we are curious and impatient because we want to be trendsetters in the market.


We radiate drive through a solution-oriented approach that is supported by fast and dynamic decision-making processes. Drive is also expressed through commitment and the desire to execute.


Respect characterises our conduct in regard to each other and to external partners. We respect diversity and create tolerant frameworks, which make room for flexibility and humour. We are socially responsible, which is expressed through our respect for people as well as the environment.


We are enthusiastic about being a part of the success that is reflected in our products and results. Our enthusiasm is also expressed in the team spirit that characterises the form of cooperation.


Nordlux is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of lighting. We think that we, because of this position, have a natural obligation to take our part of the responsibility for the solution to national and global challenges.

At the practical level we do it primarily through investments in continued improvements. Not least through far reaching quality control and further development of products with a long life span. Through cooperation with some of Scandinavia’s best designers, three out of four Nordlux-lamps are now designed for our customers.

A Brighter World

We have chosen to gather all our social responsibility efforts under the heading ’A Brighter World’. One expression of taking our social responsibility is the demand we put on our suppliers to comply with human and labour rights, and we cooperate with them on improving social and environmental conditions. In addition, we work systematically with environment and climate issues. We make serious efforts to improve employee relations and the work environment internally. In our product development we make far reaching environmental considerations. In addition, we get involved in social projects that can contribute to making the world a little bit better. Especially when it comes to the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in the relationships with our suppliers, we have excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. We view sustainability as a task that involves everyone with a connection to Nordlux – from owners, board and management to co-workers and suppliers.


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