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Planlicht GmbH & Co. KG

Planlicht GmbH & Co. KG

Fiecht Au 25
A-6130 Schwaz-Vomp

+43 52 4271608

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ABOUT Planlicht GmbH & Co. KG

For over 30 years, as an international enterprise, planlicht specializes in high-quality luminaires. The company offers stand-alone or complex lighting systems for shops and office areas. Personalized customer care, and a strong export orientation distinguishes us from our competition.

Planlicht is a traditional Tirolean family company founded by Johann Findl in 1986. In 2013, planlicht appointed his daughter, Felicitas Kohler, as CEO. The headquarters and production facilities are based in Vomp, Tirol, with sales offices in Austria (Vienna, Graz and Wels), Germany, France and Finland. As of 2016, planlicht employs 160 members.

Tirolean Quality for Infinite Lighting Solutions
At headquarters, planlicht develops and produces high-quality luminaires. The company offers stand-alone solutions as well as complex lighting systems. Planlicht luminaires are deployed for hotels, shops, public buildings and private projects at an international level. Every planlicht product is Tirolean quality- carefully assembled and tested.

Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

It is time. Time for great ideas. At planlicht, our customers benefit from close collaboration and accompanied services with an outlook for environmentally sustainable products. Our holistic collaboration enables customers to realize projects, just like they want it. Each project is unique and offers enough flexibility for customized solutions with Made in Austria quality. The accompanied services enable our customers to create their own moods and atmosphere in their workspace. Planlicht guarantees, customer satisfaction, since this is our top priority.

Felicitas Kohler



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