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Amper 2016

Amper 2016

Výstaviště 405/1
603 00 Brno
Czech Republic

+420 221 992 146

Amper 2016 Profile / 15 Mar 2016-18 Mar 2016

AMPER, is known as a prestigious fair with a tradition, high number of satisfied visitors and participation of world-famous companies. It is the most important trade fair of the electrical field in the Czech Republic in nowadays. Its commercial importance extends across Central and Eastern Europe. Let´s have a look at the previous edition of AMPER Trade Fair. 600 exhibitors, including 124 from abroad introduced their technologies and services on the 13.730 square meters of net exhibition space. 44.500 professional visitors who were represented by company managers, technicians, students and fans of the electrical engineering. The trade fair was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Chamber of Commerce, the CTU. It was supported by professional media, associations and universities. The partner portfolio consisted of 140 media partners from the Czech Republic and abroad and 29 professional partners. AMPER Trade Fair brings to its exhibitors an ideal space for establishing new business relationships, strengthening the competitive position on the market, maintaining relationships with existing customers and enhances image of the brand. And finally the trade fair also offers effective presentation and promotion of new products (promotion not only on the trade fair itself, but also through professional media partners of the fair - articles in specialized portals and specialized printed media and on website). The effect of the fair itself extends beyond the gates of the exhibition centre and date of the event.


History of the trade fair

AMPER Trade Fair has been developing for 23 years. Beginnings of the fair in 1993 are associated with the Prague Palace of Culture and consequently with fair grounds at Strahov, where AMPER ran from 1996 to 1999. With the growing number of exhibitors and the increasing demands on quality of services, the AMPER Trade Fair moved to Prague-Holešovice and afterwards to Prague-Letňany Exhibition Grounds. 

Currently is AMPER Trade Fair held in the city of Brno. Since 2011, when one of the most significant and best-performing fairgrounds in Central Europe welcomed the largest electrotechnical trade fair in the Czech and the Slovak Republic for the first time, AMPER Trade Fair entered a new era with a new dimension.

Brno Exhibition Centre offers to exhibitors the most modern halls with a total net exhibition area up to 130.000 sq.m. and the quality of services at the world-class level.  

Exhibor list

Full exhibition list can be found here


Amper 2016 videos

AMPER 2015 Trade Fair

11 May 2015
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