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Festival of Lights Berlin - Berlin, Germany
6 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017

Each year in October, Berlin turns into a city full of light art. The artful displays of the landmarks, monuments, buildings and places make the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS one of the best known light art festivals in the world. National as well as international artists present light installations and thus, transform the city into a huge stage. They tell stories, draw attention to the special and present their cultures, arts, crafts and messages. Berlin landmarks, historical places, streets, squares, trendy neighborhoods and hotspots of recent history are staged with light.

The festival takes place for the eleventh time and it is under the patronage of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller. It presents over ten nights a fantastic world of experiences: special events, such as LUMISSIMO, connect creative light art with other forms of art. The extensive LightSeeing Program offers adventure tours by bus, boat, segway and foot. Special Show Cases under the theme of light and video art invite you to join in.

Festival of Lights Berlin


In recent years, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has evolved into becoming a major tourist magnet and economic factor. With over two million festival visitors, over 600,000 additional overnight stays and 1.8 billion media contacts, it is now – among the festivals in Lyon, Sydney, Moscow and Eindhoven – one of the best known light art festivals in the world.

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