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a.g Licht

a.g Lichta·g licht has been founded on March the 1st in 1996 by Klaus Adolph and Wilfried Kramb (in Bonn). Their intensive work on a variety of national and international architectural tasks is only made possible in a team. 

Klaus Adolph:
Partner; born 16th of october 1958 in Cologne; Dipl.Ing. Architecture TH Aachen; 1986 -1990 Project management for `Lichtdesign` Cologne; 1990 -1995 Partner an Management Director of `Lichtdesign` Cologne; March 1996 Foundation of a·g Licht with Wilfried Kramb.

Wilfried Kramb:
Partner; born 25th of december 1961 in Wuppertal; Dipl.Ing. Interior Architecture FH Wiesbaden; 1987-1991 Interior Architect Sydney-Australia; 1991-1992 Head of Department of Lighting Application in DIAL `German Institute for applied lighting; 1992 - 1993 Freelance Interior Design and Teaching at FH Wiesbaden for Lighting Design; 1994-1996 Project management for `Lichtdesign` in Cologne; March 1996 Foundation of a·g Licht with Klaus Adolph.

Daniel Walden:
Partner; born 25th of May 1974 in Duesseldorf; Dipl.Ing.(FH) Engineering Design Degree - Cologne University of Applied Sciences; MALD - Master Architectural Lighting Design HS Wismar and KTH-Syd Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2004 project-management for a·g Licht and since 2011 partner a·g Licht.

a.g Licht


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