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Cocksedge Paul

Cocksedge PaulPaul Cocksedge studied under Ron Arad during his MA in Product Design at the Royal College of Art, and was introduced to Issey Miyake and Ingo Maurer, both of whom staged early exhibitions of his work. Maurer went so far as to give Paul a show within his own show at Milan Design Week 2003, introducig ‘Styrene’, ‘NeON’, and an early work Life 01  for Flos.

Paul has since gone on to become one of Britain's leading designers, founding  Paul Cocksedge Studio   with   business partner   Joana  Pinho  in  2004 includes an imaginative range of design products, architectural projects and sculptures, all infused with the sense of simplicity, joy and wonder that has come to characterise Paul Cocksedge’s work.

Installation such as ‘Kiss in Milan and London, ‘Drop’ on London’s Southbank, ‘SESTOSENSO’, a collaboration with BMW and Flos during Milan Design Week and ‘Bourrasque’ for the 2011 Fetes des Lumieres in Lyon have caught the public’s imagination and received extensive media attention.

Most recently The Studio launched Paul Cocksedge Shop on-line, which offers an ever- growing range of Paul’s uniquely designed products. During the 2012 London Design Festival, Paul designed ‘Auditorium’ for the 100% design Show. The studio’s direction is moving towards the design of more permanent structures which affect the way people interact with their surroundings on a longer term basis, as well as creating the magical but fleeting installations for which Paul is known.

Accolades include The Design Museum's 'Designer of the Year' Award nomination (2004) ), Brit Insurance 'Designs of the Year' Award nomination (2008), Grand Designs Awards 'Best Lighting Design' Finalist (2009), Elle Decoration Best British Design Nomination (2010).

Clients include:

Flos, Swarovski, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hermes, Sony, Wellcome Trust, V&A, Covent Garden London, 100%Design and the City of Lyon.

Cocksedge Paul products
Cocksedge Paul projects
Cocksedge Paul projects
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