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Louis Poulsen MO500

Over the years, Louis Poulsen has remained strongly committed to the development of light fixtures for outdoor illumination. We believe that road and street illumination can change the atmosphere and create secure and vibrant environments. In line with this belief we are launching a new street light fixture – MO500.


MO500 was developed in close cooperation with designer, Mads Odgård, who shares our pride in the project's historical background. The new light fixture was requested by Albertslund Municipality, which also commissioned the Albertslund fixture by Jens Møller Jensen 50 years ago. The tradition is thus being beautifully carried on.

We have previously developed the Icon series jointly with Mads Odgård, which is highly popular around the world today. Our experience with these fixtures has been particularly valuable in designing the new MO500, and the result is a harmonic and energy-efficient fixture, named after its designer and the fixture diameter. MO500 has been developed using an LED light source, and incorporates the latest street lighting technology. The conical shape is pure and minimalistic, and interplays harmoniously with architecture and nature in all types of urban environments. The LED light source is available in colour temperatures of 3000K and 4000K.


MO500 is designed as a top mounted fixture, offering great flexibility in relation to post or wire mounting. The lower section of the conical fixture is opal acrylic and faintly illuminated, marking out the road and framing the night sky in a peaceful and pleasant manner. At the time of its launch, the MO500 has already been installed in the area surrounding Albertslund suburban railway station.

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