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A feel-good office - LED lighting for a law firm

"The Soloist", an office building in the centre of Belfast designed by Norwegian architect Niels Torp, was opened in summer 2014. Designed as a bipartite structure, a full height glazed atrium connects the two sections, thereby producing striking sight lines onto the street. The interior, as a result, offers an open, airy and lightfilled ambiance.

In order to ensure optimal visual comfort for its employees, law firm Pinsent Masons opted for high-quality LED lighting from ERCO. The lighting concept devised by the designers is based on highly efficient luminaires offering low energy consumption with a long life. In addition to high illuminance levels, the lighting tools achieve excellent colour consistency. To allow for concentrated work where necessary, Quadra recessed luminaires provide glare-free ambient lighting for a pleasant level of brightness on the desks. The same luminaire yet with an oval light distribution illuminates the office aisles precisely. Purposefully placed Compact downlights and Nadir recessed floor luminaires underline the character of the architecture. The tuned lighting accents thus produced make a feature of individual architectural elements such as columns. In the reception area, Quintessence wallwashers set off the delicate grain of the wood-panelled wall. The decision to opt for ERCO LED lighting tools made it possible to produce the different levels of lighting required in an office environment and thereby create a productive workplace with a distinguished character.

Project: Office lighting for law firm, Belfast
Client: Pinsent Masons
Architects: Niels Torp, Oslo (design of the building), WDR & RT Taggart, Belfast (execution), Todd Architects, Belfast (interior design)
Light: Semple McKillop, Belfast
Electrical planning: Thomas Graham + Neil Graham, A.E.M., Belfast
Opening: May 2014
Products: Quadra, Nadir, Compact, Quintessence, Cylinder, Optec
Photos: Frieder Blickle, Hamburg

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