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Intermarché: Lighting to Serve Customers

Intermarché is one of the strongest supermarket chains in Europe, with an overwhelming presence in the French marketplace. With over 14% market share and roughly 1200 sales outlets, the supermarket is Europe's No. 1 independent retail store, and it is the 3rd largest in the world. Since 1972 the company, also commonly known as “The Musketeers”, has embraced its growth by incorporating local tradesmen into its chain in an entirely democratic way—every owner, regardless of their product or price tags, are involved in the decision-making process.

The strategy is simple. Based on offering local products at highly competitive prices, Intermarché has always focused on keeping the consumer in mind. Each supermarket, while being a part of the Intermarché family, is entirely independent and can decide which changes and innovations it wishes to introduce. In the case of Fronton, owner Mme Isabelle Neyrolles has sought out the latest technology for her new supermarket and has placed her trust in Cubispot to carry out the project. In order to meet her every needs, the French luminaire manufacturer worked alongside GE Lighting to create a custom and creative lighting solution, as forward thinking as the supermarché itself.

The Challenge

“Intermarché gave us two basic premises: on the one hand, the lighting had to not give any problems and it also had to have top quality and long, useful life; on the other hand, it was essential for the new luminaires to offer considerable energy savings” Cubispot's general sales manager, Patricia Cazalens said.

“To validate a project of this scale, studies in 3D lighting and a calculation of return on investment have been done”, adds Mr. Rüdiger Wiechert, lighting engineer for Cubispot.


As a central staple in their consumers' daily lives, the supermarket sought out solutions that were not only sustainable and view-altering, but also those that could be implemented in a seamless fashion. Keeping Intermarché's care to customer service in mind, the plan required that all elements of the project converge concisely to promise success.

Second to that, energy-saving was also a fundamental element to consider in the execution of the project. Thanks to LED lighting and other advances in today's technology, Intermarché is able to have bright illumination for a successful shopping experience paired with extremely low consumption per luminaire, when compared to traditional lighting solutions. And that only breaks the surface to the supermarché's technological attributes. As a relatively new branch of the brand's illustrious history, the supermarché is able to integrate the best technology available, which keeps their products looking great and fresh for customers every day.

The Solution

Developed by GE Lighting to satiate the growing demand for flexibility amongst its clients, the LED Infusion™ Range allowed for the ornamental concept to be achieved courtesy of its modularity, low energy consumption and high quality design, built to last. Increasing the project's flexibility considerably when it comes to real-life applications, the Infusion solution allows for the lighting plan to be modified in terms of the needs of every space, without having to modify the complete luminaire. Users can alternate the focus of angles, or the amount of luminous flux to adapt to the needs of their dynamic spaces, all while meeting technical requirements of the client and conserving energy in the process.

Results and Benefits

The modular solution was installed in three areas whose main purpose was to emphasize the carefully curated products in the most natural way possible - fashion, wine and fresh produce (fruits and vegetables). The very high (>90) CRI of the Infusion solution and its wide range of lumens were some of the key characteristics considered when choosing this system. And if the flexibility and energy saving qualities weren't enough, the solution is backed by GE Lighting's more than 100 years of experience and technology lighting up this important sector.

“As an icon in the French Marketplace, Intermarché sought out a lighting solution that not only brought clarity for their customers in the form of top tier illumination, but also highlighted their quality products in the best way possible. With the consumer in mind, GE was able to custom tailor a lighting solution that created a worthwhile shopping experience and was also able to save energy with efficient luminaires” affirms Patrick Fages, GE Lighting Sales Director of Southeast France.

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