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Simone Micheli wins the ICONIC AWARD 2014

The architect, Simone Micheli, has won the Interior Winner category at the "Iconic Award 2014" for a project lit with our products.
The Villa Gritti-Marchini global renovation project consists of a country house with a barchessa or open barn, built between 1810 and 1819 by the architect Gian Antonio Selva (1751-1819).
Surrounded by the lush greenery of the meandering Brenta river that is dotted with spectacular Venetian villas, the Barchessa has become the new seat of the Rubens Luciano offices and showroom. And for his interior and lighting design project, the architect Simone Micheli has won the Interior winner category of the prestigious international ICONIC AWARD 2014 organised by the German Design Council. 

The splendid lighting scenario at the Rubens Luciano complex has been achieved using iGuzzini products. Reflex Easy UGR<19 recessed luminaires have been installed on the ground floor where the Creative Division offices are located in a sequence of open space environments.
In the grand central corridor, Deep Laser luminaires with spot optics have been chosen for their ability to light twin-height spaces 
The glass and white-painted steel stairs and lift lead up to a first floor of light, suspended platforms housing four more Creative Division open space offices with a layout and furniture that mirrors the floor below. These environments are also lit with Reflex Easy UGR<19 luminaires. 

The first floor is divided into three main zones. The communal areas all carry Simone Micheli’s creative hallmark. They feature Le Perroquet luminaires that create attractive bubbles of light in the floor, and the same devices have been chosen for the intimate and relaxed mood of the Rubens Luciano office. In the hides vault and the material deposit zone, Action luminaires have been laid out in a continuous line to provide a complete panorama of the instruments available. 
In the “materials, shoes and research” showroom that includes three large showcases and an overhanging ring, Express Led recessed luminaires have been used. 
Simone Micheli has also opted to install iGuzzini products in the outdoor area, including wall-mounted Led Plus luminaires and iRound recessed devices for general lighting.
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