6 Oct 2015 / Regiolux /

High efficiency with universal recessed luminaires for system ceilings

The new universal recessed luminaire for system ceilings is particularly efficient and versatile in use: protection LED by Regiolux. The lamp with a higher degree of protection (IP 40) is extremely bright and effective thanks to modern LED technology. How the successful model "planara LED" fits seamlessly into the ceiling systems with exposed T-rails is how it also can be integrated into covered symmetrical and recessed ceilings. The LED luminaire also proves its versatility in the form and type of installation. It is already available now in the square design (600-series or 625-series modules). Variants in extended form (1.2 m or 1.25 m long) and a corresponding surface-mounted luminaire will also be available soon.

As a panel light, the protection achieves an efficiency of up to 127 lumens / watts (thanks to the quality LED modules) and a degree of efficiency of over 80 per cent. With its sophisticated lighting technology, you can realise ambitious general lighting. Thanks to its uniform soft light, it is ideal for secondary rooms and high traffic areas. Through various diffusers (frosted, opal or micro-prismatic), the light can be modelled according to the desired effect. In all three versions, the luminaire is ideal for modern computer workstations according to the current standard.

With protection type IP40 inside the room, the protection LED offers operational reliability for sensitive areas as well. Correspondingly diverse are the application areas of the luminaire, whether it be in the health care sector in waiting areas or treatment rooms, in the field of elderly care in lounges, in museums, offices and administration, in shops and in rental objects - the luminaire discreetly blends into the environment and provides a pleasant atmosphere with the highest visual comfort. Even light situations that are based on a luminous ceiling can be realised with a universal recessed luminaire by Regiolux. Despite the high LED service life of 50,000 hours, the interchangeability of individual modules is ensured, because the diffuser plate can be opened if needed.

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