6 Oct 2015 / Regiolux /

Lichtwerk presents LED technology for large surface luminaires and light channels

“Surface meets line”, under this motto Lichtwerk presented innovations with regard to LED technology for large surface luminaires and light channels at the Light+Building: the surface light “epic” and the light channel “fino”. With a large surface and narrow light strips, they offer interesting design options, individually or in combination. Owing to LED technology, the surfaces and strips glow more evenly now, as rim and dark spots are no longer an issue. A depiction of the individual LED dots is avoided, thanks to the elaborate light control. Lichtwerk utilizes the tension, which emerges owing to the interplay between diffuse illumination of large surfaces and the deployment of narrow light channels, in order to orchestrate the interior design. LED’s of the latest generation with the highest efficiency are deployed. As a specialist for demanding project lighting, in other areas too Lichtwerk trusts in innovative LED technology.

Light channel fino

Narrow and minimalist, the light channel fino fits in any interior design. High quality materials and the most diverging light technologies characterize the system. With just one single basic profile from high quality aluminium, various lighting solutions can be realized: deployable as a single lamp or as light run, as extension- or pendulum variant. The light channel emphasizes the layout of the line in an elegant manner, drawing attention to details or creating spatial perspectives. Besides a version with opal diffuser, there is also a variant with a cubic overhanging diffuser and yet another one with micro prisms.

Surface luminaire epic

The surface luminaire epic offers a multitude of options as well: it can be deployed as recess-, extension- or pendulum luminaire, either in round or square shape. One can also choose from four different sizes: from approximately 60 cm via 90 cm and 1.20 m up to luminaires of 1.50 m. The surface luminaire has a high quality appearance, owing to its natural anodized aluminium-profile frame and placidly-mat surface of the diffuser. The direct distributing epic places interior design accents that cannot be overlooked. The LED technology now ensures a perfect presentation in assembly- or conference halls and lobbies, thanks to its seemingly frameless construction. It brings lighting effects to foyers and places accents in the hotel industry, catering trade and shopping domain. Further information regarding innovative lighting solutions:

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