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TiL 2018: Embracing all the opportunities that come with profound change

TiL 2018 is the lighting industry conference designed to encourage the cross-discipline, professional and creative application of digital light and embrace all the opportunities that come with the profound changes in the lighting industry. The doors to the event will open in just one week.

TiL 2018 demonstrates a vision that lighting design is not limited to architecture and luminaires, but instead encompasses design in the broadest sense, as well as a sound understanding of the digital ecosystem.

Just like in music and photography, digitization means that everyone can now get involved in lighting design; it's simple, safe, creative and fun. It is so empowering.  Moreover, thanks to the digital nature of new lighting technology, scientific findings in areas such a wellbeing, health, safety and productivity are now much easier to translate into viable, economical and desirable solutions in the real world.

Embracing all the opportunities that come with profound change

The event is a call-to-arms for keen and curious minds. The organisers want the attendees to use their experience of TiL 2018 to fuel their ability to spot the opportunities with light, broaden their horizons and widen their imaginations.

“I want to create a venue for the new paradigms of the lighting industry. A platform to connect the established with the new, and a place where technology meets science. Engineers engage with coders, users brief creators. I know change is not just around the corner, but we have to start somewhere and we have to start soon.  TiL 2018 is that starting point.  It leads to a new and exciting future of lighting design for everyone.” Rogier van der Heide, Event Curator.

Debating this new and exciting future for lighting design will be 3 extraordinary expert panels.

Day 1: DESIGN panel 

Emre Gunes - lighting design advocate and publisher of PLD magazine in Turkey

Michael Immecke - leadership at DIAL, the creators of the benchmark lighting design software

Brad Koerner - architect and lighting designer, until recently director at Philips

Carla Wilkins - lighting designer and advocate of human centric lighting

Guillermo Martinez - lighting designer at Arup


Day 2: INNOVATION panel 

Marc Juarez - Technical Director of Seoul Semiconductor

Tapio Rosenius - CEO of Skandal, connected lighting etc

Zary Segall - professor of computer science at KTH stockholm


Day 3: CEO panel 

Benjamin Azoulay  - CEO of OLEDCOMM

Juno Yeo - Marketing at LG Display

Martijn Dekker - CEO of Seaborough

Chung Hoon Lee - CEO of Seoul Semiconductors


The full program is now live on the website.

Trends in lighting 2018 is in partnership with Bluetooth SIG, Trilux and BMVIT. For more information visit www.trends.lighting

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