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Old town of Jaipur radiates in new splendour

Following the impressive lighting of the famous Golden Temple, Osram Lighting Solutions once again displays an important cultural site in India with innovative lighting solutions. The lighting concept developed by Osram emphasises the extraordinary architecture of the historic centre of Jaipur and revives its cultural monuments at night.

The capital of the state of Rajasthan with three million inhabitants is full of testimonies to the royal family that once ruled the region, and is also known as the "pink city" due to the pink facades of its buildings. Around 6,600 LED luminaires, including linear light systems such as the Traxon Nano Linear Allegro and floodlights for planar lighting such as the Traxon Washer Allegro, illuminate the city castle and surrounding avenues and lend the historic city centre a fascinating appeal.

Old town of Jaipur radiates in new splendour

"We have constructed something that didn't previously exist. The new lighting bathes the old city centre in a particular splendour," stated Viswanathan Ashok, Head of Sales at Osram Lighting Solutions India. In a 5.7 km long section of the city with 425 monuments, 30 different types of luminaires with 15 different beam angle variants and eight different colour temperatures were installed to ideally showcase the impressive facades. With the new lighting concept in Jaipur it has been possible to unite culture and valuable heritage with state-of-the-art technology for the bringing together of both new and old lifestyles. 

Old town of Jaipur radiates in new splendour


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