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The number one global Thought Leadership event on Lighting Design goes global

PLDC will change from a biannual to an annual event and at the same time reach out and be present in Asia and America, alternating with Europe. PLDC 2018 will take place in Singapore in October 2018. The organisers have decided to stage PLDC on an annual basis, continuing in Europe with a large-scale event every two years, but moving to Asia or North America in the years between.  In 2019, PLDC will be in Rotterdam/NL. In 2020, PLDC will take place in New York City/US.

The number one global Thought Leadership event on Lighting Design goes global

What is PLDC?

PLDC stands for Professional Lighting Design Convention which is built around a multi-track conference programme. Presenters are high-profile speakers from the world of lighting design, architecture, research, city planning, daylight design and other related professions.

The following tracks or topics have been confirmed for the next two editions: “Professional Practice issues”, “IoDT – Internet of Design Things”, “Hospitality Lighting” and “Experiential Environments” for PLDC 2018 in Singapore (two-day conference programme). “Professional Practice Issues”, “Lighting Case Studies”, “Lighting Research” and “Fun and work – hospitality, shopping and office lighting” for PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam (three-day conference programme).

The number one global Thought Leadership event on Lighting Design goes global

Bringing together the Professional Lighting Design community!
PLDC 2017 in Paris attracted more than 2160 attendees from all over the world. The coming events will continue to bring together professionals from different fields of practice and research to discuss and exchange ideas, approaches and concepts. This international and interdisciplinary understanding of lighting design supports the continuing process to gain recognition for this specialist discipline and for the profession as a whole.

The motto of the 7th PLDC in Singapore will be “a smart move”.
The motto describes the content, pointing to the dramatic changes on the lighting design landscape, the impact of digital technologies, and the processes the design community will have to undergo to adjust to changing conditions. Substantial changes are anticipated in the public realm with regard to structural reorganisation. Lighting programmes in towns and cities in future will be addressing issues such as atmosphere and energy savings to the same extent.

The number one global Thought Leadership event on Lighting Design goes global


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