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Osram adds to its Oslon Black family

Six new high -power infrared LEDs with very high pulse handling capability for automotiveapplications Osram Opto S emiconductors is expanding its Oslon Black family for the infra red range with six new automotive IREDs. The 850 nm versions are intended for exteriorapplications such as night vision, pedestrian protection, pre-field recognition andlane detection. The new 940 nm versions are suitable above all for interiorautomotive applications such as driver monitoring, seat occupancy detection andgesture recognition. Thanks to different wavelengths and lenses these productscover a wide range of customer requirements and can be operated at up to 5 A inpulsed mode.

Oslon Black family

The new products show a high maximum pulse current of up to 5 A, compared  to  3 Aprevio u sly. The IREDs are particularly bright, with an optical output of up to 2.0 W incontinuous operation. The six new IRED versions are available in different wavelengthsand beam angles. SFH 4715AS A01, SFH 4716AS A01 and SFH 4717AS A01 all have awavelength of 850 nm and a beam angle of ±45°, ±75° and ±25° respectively.
SFH 4725AS A01, SFH 4726 A01 and SFH 4727AS A01 all have a waveleng th of 940 nmand a beam angle of  ±45°, ±75° and ±25° respectively. A high refractive index silicone isused for the lens, giving it a particularly low profile so that only very little light is lost fromthe sides. The maximum operating temperature of the IREDs is 125°C.
The high optical pulse outputs and the wide range of integrated lens options allow syste md esigners to select the right IRED for virtually any application without having to install secondary optics. Infrared light sources in a wavelength range < 900 nm are perceived bythe human eye as a red glow. This red glow is largely suppressed at 940 nm.

Like the rest of the Oslon Black family, the new IREDs offer outstanding performance, long lifetime and excellent thermal properties. “With this product line within the Oslon Black family we can cover all IRED-based lighting applications inside and outside the car. Theexemplary performance and compact dimensions of the IREDs give engineers maximumfreedom of design, and end customers benefit from a new level of road safety”, said Walter Rothmund, Marketing Manager ELS at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

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