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Light + Building 2018: LEDVANCE presents an extensive portfolio of new LED luminaires, smart home products and LED lamps

From March 18 to 23, more than 2,600 companies will be showcasing their latest products and services in Frankfurt at Light + Building, the world's largest trade fair for lighting and building systems. At its booth B10 in Hall 2.0, LEDVANCE, one of the world’s leading lighting providers, will focus on the latest generation of integrated LED luminaires for a broad spectrum of applications for both commercial and residential customers. It will also be featuring its greatly expanded portfolio of smart lighting solutions and modern LED lamps.

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Every two years, Light + Building offers the lighting industry the largest stage in the world to present new products to an interested audience. At Light + Building in 2016, not only was LEDVANCE revealed as the future name of OSRAM’s general lighting division along with its future logo but customers were also given the first chance to see LEDVANCE’s own LED luminaires, which the company has now been marketing since July 2016 as an independent enterprise. Since then, the luminaire segment has developed as the fastest growing area of the company, lifting LEDVANCE into the ranks of the largest European LED luminaire providers.

LEDVANCE is continuing this success story and in the course of this year will be launching more than 700 new attractive, connection-ready, energy and cost-saving LED luminaires for lighting professionals and consumers. Many of these luminaires will be on display at the company’s booth B10 in Hall 2.0 at this year’s Light + Building. The focus for LEDVANCE is on the many and varied lighting requirements of users in an extremely wide range of applications – from office buildings and retail outlets to production facilities and the home.

For offices, for example, various luminaires will be shown in different designs, all easy to install and offering glare-free light of the highest quality. In conjunction with a Smart Office Sensor, which will be demonstrated as a product concept, it will be possible to integrate and easily control a large number of these luminaires in a combined DALI and Zigbee environment. LEDVANCE will also be demonstrating a smart light switch designed specifically for interactive working in conference rooms and offices. The switch – still at the prototype stage – adjusts the artificial light automatically to changes in natural daylight. At the same time it offers an intuitive user interface for selecting different lighting modes to suit individual requirements. In this way, light can be used to create a biological effect such as contributing to boost concentration.

Another example of an application for a specific sector is the large selection of new and robust LED luminaires designed to withstand hot, dusty and humid industrial production environments. The luminaires can be easily integrated in existing installations, amortize in a short time and need very little maintenance. Flexible and intelligent control options are available via a Smart Industry Sensor which provides DALI and Zigbee connectivity.

Another highlight from LEDVANCE at Light + Building is the enormously expanded portfolio of smart home products for consumers – from filament lamps, luminaires and smart sockets for the Apple HomeKit to Zigbee-based products for indoors and outdoors which operate seamlessly with Amazon Echo Plus, for example. The lighting can then be easily controlled with voice commands, lighting scenes can be created and if-then scenarios can be automated.

Also on display will be the much enlarged range of energy-efficient LED lamps, including new stylish models from the Vintage 1906 Edition and spotlight lamps with excellent color rendering for use in shop lighting, for example.

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