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Radiant beauty

Osram supports the new headquarters of the cosmetics company Omnicos in the municipality of Bagnolo Cremasco, Italy in achieving a particular splendour. Star architect Beppe Riboli placed his complete trust in Osram as full-service provider for realisation of his lighting concept over a total area of 8,700 square metres. Both the outdoor area and the building itself are equipped with LED lighting from Osram Lighting Solutions.

Visitors to the new headquarters are immediately impressed by the slender structure with highly original and purist lines, surrounded by rural greenage. A swarm of backlit butterflies decorates the facade of the building and attracts a high degree of attention. The Omnicos headquarters are not only architecturally but also technically state-of-the-art – for example in terms of climate neutrality. Omnicos placed maximum importance on efficiency and sustainability not only with its energy supply but also with regard to the lighting concept: the bright and generously-dimensioned building features a geothermal and photovoltaic system and is equipped throughout with LED lighting. The headquarters with total floor space of 8,700 square metres accommodate management, research and development and production divisions.

Radiant beauty

All is planned to ensure that a focus is placed on people, and architecture and light are intended to significantly contribute to the well-being of the company’s 140 employees. A complex with a futuristic character has been created that radiates an atmosphere of lightness, and for realisation of his lighting concept the designer Beppe Riboli placed his trust in Osram expertise. Thanks to this holistic approach the completely controllable and dimmable LED luminaires harmonise perfectly and also form the ideal backdrop for Riboli's innovative architectural creation.

The complete outdoor area is illuminated by Osram LED solutions and Nano Liner Allegro AC XB from Traxon was specified for illuminating the facade of the office building. The slender, linear lighting system for outdoor operation features high lumen output and high energy efficiency. Linear Light Flex Short Pitch LED strips enhance the southern facade of the production building, whilst Siteco Streetlight 20 micro luminaires with lens technology ensure safe driving conditions on the employee car park and along the access roads. The customer car park is equipped with a large protective canopy, below which Floodlight 20 micro luminaires provide glare-free lighting. CL 60 bollards installed along the approach paths accompany pedestrians safely into the building, and the rear side and outdoor areas of the Diamond laboratory are accented with AquaLED 2 ground-recessed luminaires.

The lighting design should not detract from the architecture of the new location but harmonise with it via a discreet level of restraint; for this reason all luminaires in the interior were recessed into the ceilings. Round Lunis downlights were installed along the border areas of the curved walls and in the conference rooms with Darklight reflectors and various beam angles ensuring flexible and comfortable lighting. The laboratories and office spaces are equipped with linear luminaires compliant with interior workplace regulations installed above the workstations. All transit routes near the desks were equipped with Lunis 2 downlights and high lumen-output, wide distribution Compact downlights are used in the foyer, the restaurant area and the main circulation areas. The tunnel joining the office building with the laboratories and production areas is illuminated with the linear, modular Lumilux Combi LED system. CL LED spotlights installed in the interior courtyard of the ground storey highlight a large and resplendent olive tree. DALI technology controls and dims all LED modules.

The outstanding lighting technology and quality of light together with the high level of design ensures that the Omnicos employees benefit from optimum visual comfort and pleasant conditions for their work.

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