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DALI 2 certification brings improved interoperability to DALI lighting-control systems

Lighting has changed in last few year, it is a fast-evolving element within building design, which significantly impact the productivity and well-being of the building’s occupants.

The key element to unlocking the potential of lighting is the control system. At the heart of lighting control thinking is DALI. DALI is an International Standard (IEC 62386) for the control of electronic ballasts, transformers, LED's, emergency lights and exit signs in an easy to manage digital lighting control system. First standard was drafted in 2000.

The DALI-2 trademark and certification process are administered by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA). DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies whose main aim is to grow the market for digital lighting-control solutions.

DALI-2 product certification promises significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared to the current available DALI systems on the market. DALI 2 is a new version of the DALI standard which is designed to fill gaps in the original standard.   It will pave the way for the future by increasing the scope of application up to building automation.  


For example the new additions to DALI offer added support for colour control, which include both RGB and colour temperature which may be important feature for architects. The new DALI-2 protocol will also deliver better reporting of information, such as energy usage and LED temperatures. Another great feature of new DALI 2 is that it will allow for an additional 64 addresses, this means less equipment and fewer products will be needed to create a larger DALI based lighting system. This makes a system much more competitive as it reduces cost of investment.

A new Logo is being introduced alongside the new DALI 2 standard. This will formalise the product testing procedure.

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