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"The Source" The theme of this year GLOW light festival in Eindhoven

Eindhoven will be all about Lightfestival GLOW again from 11 to 18 November. Around 40 light artists will create light installations, sculptures, projections and performances. Together they offer the GLOW visitor a surprisingly new perspective on the city. The GLOW walking route takes you along over 25 object from light artists from all over the world. 

GLOW revolves around a different theme each year. In 2015, the theme was called 'Nature and Architecture' and the route ran along different rivers and parks in the city centre. 2016 was dominated by the theme 'City and Science', a theme that manifested itself in two different routes: one around the city centre, one route across the TU/e campus.  The theme of GLOW Eindhoven 2017 is 'The Source', referring to the source of light. Eindhoven has been a source of light for the whole world since the founding of the match factory in 1870 and the light bulb factory Philips 1891.

This year, additional to the regular GLOW route, visitors will be able to enjoy an extraordinary light show at the Philips Stadium. Stage designers TWOFIFTYK, in cooperation with several local disciplines, are going to tell a story about the city of Eindhoven as the 'city of light', from match to incandescent lamp to GLOW. The light show ‘Once upon a Light’ will come to life by using light projections, music, dance and special effects and last approximately half an hour. 


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