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The New Motto of IstanbulLight 2017: 'Life is LIGHT'

Experienced and pioneering exhibition of the lighting industry, IstanbulLight prepares to host the innovations and technologies that will set the future of the lighting world with its enriching content and its new motto ‘Life is LIGHT’ in 2017.

One of the biggest organization companies of the world, UBM will organize IstanbulLight at the Istanbul Expo Center between March 29 and April 01, 2017 and it will be supported by Turkish National Committee of Illumination (ATMK) and Turkish Lighting Luminaries Manufacturers Association (AGID).

Aimed to be carried out with the participation of over 200 local and foreign brands in 10.000 sqm, IstanbulLight 2017 will bring products and services about the decorative lighting, LED technologies, lighting accessories and components, lighting design and building automation, and indoor lighting such as warehouse, factory, office, store, market, hotel and restaurant and outdoor lighting such as facade, park, garden, road, tunnel, sport and urban beautification for four days.

Stating that IstanbulLight 2017 will host over 10.000 people from manufacturers to designers, architectures, academicians to product representatives, distributors, ministry, municipality and highway authorities and electrical engineers for lighting sector, IstanbulLight Lighting Technologies Fair Group Director Engin ER notes that: "It is estimated that lighting industry in Turkish market is about $2,5 billion The annual growth rate projected for the industry for our country is between 6 percent and ten percent. The industry has gained momentum with the development of the conscious of lighting and campaign for urban transformation recently" and added that: "There is a significant potential for export in lighting equipment industry. Therefore, we focus on to improve the market share of our participant companies that manufacture decorative lighting products with high added value in particular as IstanbulLight".

Expressing that IstanbulLight has renewed its concept to support the growth potential of the industry and enriched the content Engin Er states that: "We set ‘Life is LIGHT’ as our motto for 2017. He also mentions that "Our exhibition would involve the state of art technologies that will set the future of the lighting industry, and Facade/Architectural Lighting Awards where projects that would be developed by our municipalities compete, Light Forum, Lighting Designers Pavilion that brings together the industry professionals and designers, panels titled as Architecture, Urban Beautification, Store, Retail, Road, Sport, Space lighting, Green Building, the Effects of Lighting on Human, Occupation Safety Career Corner that will lay a groundwork for new career opportunities and training programs by bringing together the academicians, students and company representatives at the same place.

The New Motto of IstanbulLight 2017

Being at the focus point of the Middle East, North Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States, the Balkans, and Eastern European countries, Istanbul stands out as the attractive point with its developing Market potential and strategic position. Offering networking and business opportunities for professionals in a fast developing industry, UBM aims for Istanbul to be a common meeting point for the lighting industry of the region with the IstanbulLight Lighting Technologies Exhibition since 2002.

LED lighting industry companies, achieving a growing trend in Turkey and World will take their places in the IstanbulLight Exhibition with a view to establishing new business connections. Being the most developed market in the lighting industry with its environment-friendly and saving features with providing more light with a lesser energy; LED lighting industry has reached to €150 million by growing 20 percent in 2015. It is projected that the industry would reach to €350 million growth with 65 percent market share within the next four years.

The potential of development in urban transformation, residence need, nonresidential building investment and outdoor lighting in Turkey recently have strengthened the growth dynamics of the lighting industry. When compared with the developed countries, since the number of the lighting unit per household, residence and building is low, it offers substantial opportunities for the lighting industry.

There are almost 3.000 manufacturers in Turkey, majority of which is workshops. 50 large and nearly 300 small and medium sized enterprises carry out the substantial part of the production with their corporate structure. General lighting is the main focus areas of activities. Moreover, the number of the employment in our country by the lighting equipment industry is around 10.000 and this rises to 20.000 people if existing manufacturers work in full capacity.


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