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ED Expo Thailand 2017 is ready with the best networking opportunity, this time under VIP Hosted Buyers Programme that aims to give qualified buyers the opportunity to do business with manufacturers & distributors from around the world

The global LED market is one of the famous industries that come under the segment of very real growth that is bolstered by industry enthusiasm. It is also estimated that the size of global LED market will reach to its peak of $42.7 billion by 2020. Keeping in view the potential and vibrancy of the fast growing market, LED Expo Thailand 2017 will present the latest and best available in LED technology. The show offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and network with the industry peers.

Created specifically to facilitate business matching at the show, the VIP Hosted Buyers Programme is an effective platform for top quality buyers from the procurement, purchasing and supply chain management divisions within the commercial aviation sector to meet with our exhibitors on a pre-schedule basis. The Hosted Buyers may be nominated by the exhibitors, industry associations or government agencies. Interested buyers who are seeking specific products and solutions may also leverage on this business matching programme to source for new business partners.

Be it local or international, existing or new company, ASEAN’s largest International Exhibition on LED Lighting Products and Technology will provide numerous opportunities such as meeting target client on personal level for effective marketing, launch & showcase products, and promote brand to international audience. To match the pace of the development in LED industry worldwide, LED Expo Thailand 2017 is the only show facilitating to source complete LED products from many parts of world under one roof.

LED Expo Thailand 2017 has an enormous exhibit profile: LEDs, LED Applications and Lighting, LED Lighting Products, LED Products, LED Signage & Displays, LED Components/ Accessories & raw Materials, LED Drivers & Power Supply and LED Manufacturing Equipment/Machinery & Allied Products. The show attracts the attention of potential and qualified buyers from different fields of architecture, hotel & hospitality, retail, real estate and many more. This roof makes demand and supply go hand in hand, giving rise to leading business transactions achievable.

For all this and many more, the venue always play an important role as the exhibitors’ convenience, visitors’ footfall and business activities depend on the convenience that the selected venue facilitates. Thailand’s LED industry is estimated to reach up to an annual rate of 30 percent in next 5 years, with indoor lighting and construction two major components of the LED lighting industry. Also, Thailand has long been a proponent of free and fair trade and its attractiveness as a production base for leading international companies is enhanced by a number of free trade agreements.

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