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Inspiring Feedback from Participants will Propel InterLumi Panama to Further Match the Market Needs in 2018

As one of the notable international lighting fairs, InterLumi Panama has announced its 3rd edition to be held at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama from July 11-13, 2018. Well received by increasing buyers and traders, the show is constantly growing and innovating, providing desirable experience for both exhibitors and visitors to seize the emerging market of Latin America & the Caribbean.

Reviewing the 2017 edition, the “VIP Buyer Program” and “Match-Making Program” were undoubtedly the 2 new value-added features welcomed by a multitude of participants. Positive results were achieved by both programs.

“We could indeed see several interesting products and even one of the exhibitors offered to make a pilot plan with their products, so we could evaluate it,” said by Mr. Juan Apizar from Public Services Company of Heredia (ESPH by its initials in Spanish) from Costa Rica.

Mr. Marco Centeno Masis from Administrative Board of the Municipal Electric Service of Cartago (JASEC by its initials in Spanish) from Costa Rica claimed that a couple of technical meetings were held with exhibitors to test product samples and evaluate the quality of materials, efficiency, durability, etc.

Besides the connections made during the fair, interaction between exhibitors and buyers is continuing taking place after the show. “I got the contacts, and I already had several emails of interesting topics regarding the cooperation,” stated by Mr. Juan Gómez from CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones) Guatemala.

“Among the exhibitors that we have maintained communication and with which we are close to consolidate commercial relations are: INTRAL, LALUX, SHENZHEN CK, EEE, ATP, Urban Solar (InterLumi 2017 exhibitors),” said by Mr. Juan Mauricio Lopez from ILUTEC LED & LIGHTING from Peru.

Mr. Héctor Castillo from Grupo Salinas Guatemala also shared the current progress, “We are in constant communication with L.J. Ilumination (InterLumi 2017 exhibitor), who visited me after the show to get to know one of our projects.”

With the ground work of 2017 edition, InterLumi Panama 2018 is geared up to stay abreast of the latest trends of the lighting industry and facilitate new trade connections.

Its concurrent event, Efficient Lighting Forum - Central America 2018 is planned to engage more renowned and prestigious lighting professionals to exchange pioneering ideas on 4 topics of “urban lighting, control systems, design trends and renewable energy”.

In the mean time, the VIP Buyer and Match-Making Programs will further optimize its selection to enable interested buyers to find and connect with exhibitors that matter the most to their business. The upgraded format is expected to help more buyers and suppliers easily make appointments prior to the show and establish efficient meetings onsite.

Another highlight of InterLumi Panama 2018 will be the enhanced alliances with regional associations. It is believed that, driven by establishing a strengthened regional network, InterLumi will surely have a greater lineup of exhibitors and a larger increase in visitor quantity for its 3rd edition.

Stay tuned with InterLumi Panama! More information about the show and its amazing activities will be released soon.

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