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Bluetooth Asia 2017 to Showcase IoT Industry’s Top Thought Leaders and Solutions

Mobike, CCSA, Tencent and more to address the future of Bluetooth® Technology and the IoT on September 26-27, 2017

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced that industry leaders from Mobike, CCSA, Tencent, Xiaomi, ARM and more will present keynotes at Bluetooth Asia 2017. Drawing from their extensive knowledge and industry experience, these speakers will discuss a range of topics, from commercial and industrial to smart home solutions, with special emphasis on the successful and highly-anticipated launches of both Bluetooth mesh networking and Bluetooth 5. Industry leaders, top tier speakers, key adopters, developers and suppliers will join Bluetooth for this international wireless event on September 26-27, 2017 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China.

“When Bluetooth first started, we never would have guessed that tiny beacons with near-infinite battery life would be used as an interactive guide – but that’s exactly what Gatwick airport, and a number of other transportation, retail, and even museum environments have done. The IoT is driving Bluetooth technology into uncharted areas, and the possibilities are endless.” said Mark Powell Executive Director at the Bluetooth SIG. “Bluetooth Asia 2017 brings together an international audience to explore these possibilities and the cultural impacts of cutting edge solutions, and looks ahead to the future of the IoT and the role Bluetooth can play in this growing space.”

Bluetooth Asia 2017 to Showcase IoT Industry

In addition to speaking sessions from IoT thought leaders, Bluetooth Asia 2017 will feature practical, hands-on exhibitions presenting Bluetooth enabled technology, and developer workshops hosted by Texas Instruments, Dialog Semiconductor, Nordic, Toshiba and more. The interactive elements of this year’s event aim to give attendees an up close and personal experience with the latest technologies, as well as insights into how to take your Bluetooth product from idea to market, and what is required to develop and qualify the next generation of groundbreaking Bluetooth products and IoT solutions.

The exhibitions at Bluetooth Asia 2017 will showcase advanced Bluetooth enabled IoT innovations within product feature zones that encompass a broad range of industries including health and fitness, wearables, smart home, and audio. Product submission to one of the four demo zones is free and provides developers with a great opportunity to showcase their innovations directly to the wireless community.

Smart Home Zone

The smart home is evolving and Bluetooth is at the forefront of the movement. This zone showcases the future of home automation and will include products for home monitoring, security and lighting, smart appliances, entertainment and much more.

Audio Zone

The audio industry is rapidly evolving and Bluetooth audio is the center of next generation hearables- including speakers, medical devices and headphones. This zone explores what’s next in audio, providing the opportunity to listen to your own music using some of the most innovative products on the market, and offering inspiration to develop your own stylish and top-quality hearables.

Health and Fitness Zone

Bluetooth enabled devices are changing the way we take care of ourselves, and the possibilities for innovative products in this industry are endless. This zone will incorporate a fitness center, gaming zone, and health center showcasing the latest innovations and future trends in Bluetooth enabled wearables, medical needs, as well as sports and health gear.

Testing Stations

Completely free of charge, these stations allow you to test the performance and interoperability of your product and ensure it meets the Bluetooth SIG’s standards and regulatory requirements, saving both time and money in the long run.

“The recent introductions of Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth mesh networking have made unprecedented wireless connection capabilities available to all, and are going to massively expand the ways that IoT devices can be leveraged in commercial environments,” said Mikko Savolainen, Senior Marketing Manager, Bluetooth Products, Silicon Labs. “In addition to seeing how other innovators and creators are leveraging the extended power of Bluetooth technology, we’re looking forward to discussing our new suite of software and hardware built to support the new Bluetooth mesh specification.”

Register to attend Bluetooth Asia 2017

Join other innovators, futurists and decision-makers at Bluetooth Asia 2017 for free. Register to attend with this link.

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