6 Jun 2016 / Luceplan /

Luceplan wins the Red Dot Best of the Best

The innovative Mesh lamp by Luceplan, created by the Argentine designer Francisco Gomez Paz, has been assigned the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best ” 2016, thanks to its avant-garde design and outstanding technological, aesthetic and formal innovation that make it a totally unique product. 

Luceplan wins the Red Dot Best of the Best

This prize for Mesh is yet another confi rmation of the leading role played by Luceplan in the sect or of design lighting Made in Italy, thanks to a const ant and increasing focus on aest hetic and formal research, technological and funct ional innovation, and an impeccable level of quality. Widely recognized charact erist ics, as proven by the many prizes and honors gained by the company over the years, now joined by this new, authoritative award: a st imulus to continue on a path of continuous evolution, driven by const ant improvement and the main principles of the company’s hist ory – experimentation, research and quality. 

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