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Upgrading Chinese Culture with Lighting & Intelligent Technology

Jointly organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES), China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) and Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Limited, the largest Lighting Expo in northern China, “China Lighting Expo 2016” will be held on April 14-16, 2016 at the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, PR China (Sanyuan West Bridge). Having Beijing's unique political and business resources with plenty of large-scale construction projects, scale of “China Lighting Expo 2016” will be further expanded. It will coordinate in-depth interaction on enterprises, engineering companies, designers, end-users, distributors, etc, providing the industry with an efficient trade and exchange platform.

Come and Experience our High-Tech Museum!!

For maintaining high standard of display effect and protection on the high value cultural relics, museums used to demand for high quality design on lighting and security system. On the expo, you will have chance to know more on the application of high quality lighting and intelligent products, which could also be widely used in other aspects.

Professionals from museums, lighting designers and construction units will gather and demonstrate a virtual museum on the expo. On the Museum Lighting Experience Zone, two international museum lighting brands will showcase their special lighting effect on different antiques and design concept which help to enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Don’t miss the change, come and enjoy the Chinese cultural antiques with special lighting effect demonstration!

Museum Lighting Experience Zone

Venue: Hall 8 Booth 8E33

Title Sponsor: ERCO, AKZU

General Director:

  • Secretary General Cui Xuean, Beijing Museum Society
  • Executive Zhu Yajuan, Beijing Museum Society

Lighting Design Consultant:

  • Prof. Zhangxin, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University

Upgrading Chinese Culture with Lighting Intelligent Technology

Fabulous Concurrent Events, Cover All-rounded Fields for Different Users

“China Lighting Expo 2016”will join hands with different lighting users, exhibitors and media from all around the world to present a series of stunning concurrent events.

4 core topics will be covered, including standard and technology, design and engineering, user applications, intelligent technology. The industry experts will bring the leading concepts for sharing and interacting with the audience.

The fruitful Concurrent events will be scheduled as follows:

Design & Engineering

2016/4/14  13:00-16:00  

The 2nd Interior Lighting Designers Salon

2016/4/14  13:00-16:00  

China Architectural Lighting Design and Technology Seminar

2016/4/14  13:00-16:00  

“Journey With Light” Tour and Discussion on Lighting

2016/4/15  12:30-16:30 

2016 Smart.Design.Ju – Smart X Interior Design, Designer Training and Salon

Upgrading Chinese Culture with Lighting Intelligent Technology


2016/4/14  12:30-16:30  

2016 China Smart Society Construction, Convergence of Real Estate & Building Automation Summit

2016/4/14  13:00-16:00

Outdoor Lighting and Smart City Seminar – Intelligent Development of Street Lighting

2016/4/15  09:00-16:30

China Wisdom Hotel Engineering Symposium & China Hotel Construction Management Summit 2016, China Hotel Golden Award 2016

2016/4/15  13:00-16:00

Outdoor Lighting and Smart City Seminar - Landscape Lighting

2016/4/15  09:00-17:00

China Museum Lighting and Intelligent Design Summit

2016/4/16  10:00-12:00

2015 Premium Lighting Brands Award in Beijing

Standards & Technology

2016/4/14  13:00-16:00

2016 LED Lighting Cross-Industry Innovation (Beijing) Forum & the 3rd China LED Innovation Award Ceremony

2016/4/15  09:00-16:00

2016 LED Lighting Cross-Industry Innovation (Beijing) Forum & the 3rd China LED Innovation Award Ceremony

Smart Home Standards & Technology

2016/4/14  12:30-16:30

2016 China Smart Home Industry Summit

2016/4/14-15 10:00-16:00

“Smart Decoration Think Tank” Smart Home Consultant Services

2016/4/16  09:00-12:00

2016 Smart Home Innovative Awards – Beijing

“China Lighting Expo 2016” on Coming April, Your First Pick Business Platform

“China Lighting Expo 2016” will be held on April 14-16, 2016 at the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, PR China (Sanyuan West Bridge). The expo provides fabulous privileges and activities with efficient registration process. You may register in 30 seconds with just a few clicks!

Please kick the following link for quick registration: http://chinalightingexpo.com/LIGHT16/Mobile/Home/lang-eng/QuickPreReg.aspx

Everybody are looking forward to the expanding scale of the expo and expecting it to connect multiple terminal industries closely. Its cross-border integration of quality resources focuses on engineering, design, distributors and end-users. It can definitely provide opportunities for reaching the huge market in the North.


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