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GTV warehouse lighting solutions

Lighting is critical in the operations of logistics indoor areas and directly affects the quality of human work. Warehouses are building usually isolated from daylight, so a good lighting deployment will enhance safety and comfort of work. High roof structures and narrow passageways between high racks are your typical warehouse environment that requires special on-site conditions, as regulated by the standard EN 12464-1 on the minimum lighting requirements for warehouse rooms.

Aside from compliance with the current standards of illumination, a good indoor lighting design combines specific solutions with the installation site characteristics and the nature of work done indoor.

GTV warehouse lighting solutions

The important considerations of every warehouse lighting design are: brightness level distribution, glare, lamp flicker, light beam direction, colour rendering (Ra) and light colour. The design stage should include a study to define if lamp fixtures of increased ingress protection (IP) will be required to prevent contamination by indoor work by-products. This is critical in areas of lamp fixture exposure to exhaust gases or high particulate and/or dust levels.

Moreover, the cost effectiveness of operation is also a criterion for warehouse lamp selection. Out of the total power consumption costs of business, up to 20% is light; hence optimisation of lighting costs and effectiveness has a large impact on overall business production costs.

GTV hermetic lamp fixtures: BETIS and HELIOS

The BETIS hermetic LED lamp fixture series for warehouse wall and ceiling installation includes three products rated at 18W, 2x9W and 2x18W. The products are intended for rooms with high exposure to humidity and dust levels, e.g. production halls, shops, storage rooms, workshops, boiler rooms or waterworks rooms. The high rating of IP65 makes the lamp fixtures perfect for operation in highly humid and dusty environment. The transparent PC lens is nearly 100% permeable to visible light for a high light efficiency. The installation on the substrate is easy with included snap-close grips with 7 mm length adjustment.

An additional warehouse lighting product is the GTV HELIOS series that supports both fluorescent tubes and LED tubes. The hermetic lamp fixture features an ABS body and a sealed PC lens for continuous operation from -5°C to +25°C in very humid and dusty rooms. The series is available in many sizes, from single and double 60 cm tube fixtures to single and double 120 or 150 cm tube fixtures.

GTV warehouse lighting solutions

LED tubes: an energy-efficient complement for hermetic and louvre fixtures

The GTV brand LED tubes are an alternative to the traditional power-hungry fluorescent tubes. The LEDs emit a homogeneous light that is free of flicker. The instant flicker-free start without unpleasant noise or hum makes the GTV LED tubes much more comfortable in use than traditional fluorescent lamps. The GTV LED tubes in hermetic fixtures are perfect as warehouse room lamps.

LED floodlights for warehouse yard illumination

The high quality products with pressure-cast aluminium enclosures are dedicated for outdoor warehouse yards. The floodlights feature 5 mm thick lens of tempered glass that resists temperature variations and mechanical impact, complete with high-purity aluminium reflectors.

The directional distribution of light and the compact, tight body guarantee good performance and versatility.

GTV's range includes stationary LED floodlights with the output rated between 10 and 100 W, floodlights with motion sensors, RGB LED floodlights, SLIM (ultra-thin body) floodlights, and portable models (with specially designed ergonomic and safe carrying handles).

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