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Grandezza for Cadenzza

Customers of Cadenzza, the multi-brand jewellery store, enjoy personal service and an inspiring environment where they can always find something special. An essential part of this experience is the exclusive store design, as exemplified by the Düsseldorf branch of Cadenzza. Displays brilliantly backlit by LED modules from Tridonic are an important element of this look. 

International branding

Since 2012 the Cadenzza brand has offered luxury hand-picked jewellery from world-famous names and emerging fashion designers – a collection which has been put together with a keen eye on the latest trends and which ranges in style from understated elegance to edgy fashion statements. There are plans to create an international sales network by 2020, and already there are stores throughout Europe and in the Middle East and Asia. Being part of the Swarovski group, Cadenzza is able to draw on 120 years of expertise.

Exclusive store design

The new store concept for Cadenzza was created by Hamburg architects Anders+Grabmeister. The stores feature central and wall-mounted displays with elegant white and brown tones as the unifying colour scheme. The highlight is the luxury fashion brand wall where items from the elite brands are displayed with backlit logos.

Grandezza for Cadenzza

Uniform light from low profiles

Despite their large dimensions, the light boxes with photos from the latest Cadenzza campaign have impressively low profiles. With a depth of only 45 mm for the door visual and 70 mm for the cash desk visual, the displays can be integrated perfectly in the store concept. The smaller model is recessed in one of the presentation cases, whereas the larger one is designed as a wall panel.

Special lighting is required in order to provide uniform backlighting over such large areas from such a short distance. "We opted for the TALEXXpanel P581 from Tridonic because even at a mounting depth of 30 millimetres it ensures homogeneous illumination", explained Georg Klingler from lightcom based in Ampass, Austria. His company designed and manufactured the light boxes.

Adaptable to any format

TALEXXpanel P581 is a cleverly designed product comprising 25 LED modules as a chain ideal for configuring, installing and operating backlighting systems. Distribution of the modules across the surface is really simple because they are connected by flexible cable. This 6 centimetre long cabling can be detached after any module, as required. If the space available is particularly tight, the side sections of the modules can be removed. These options gives designers a level of freedom that was unthinkable before LED technology. This new technology offers a number of additional advantages. Operating the LED modules on 24 V provides a high level of safety, power consumption is greatly reduced and lifetime is many times longer than for conventional solutions.

Grandezza for Cadenzza

The brilliant LED light from the TALEXXpanel P581 benefits not only creative shop designers and therefore the exclusive interiors of the Cadenzza stores but also the operators, who can make significant savings in operating and maintenance costs.

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