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EuroShop 2011 - Optimum product presentation using efficient visual comfort

Lüdenscheid, February 2011 - there is hardly any other area where lighting concepts embedding efficient visual comfort can show their strengths as clearly as in the retail sector. Here, intelligent lighting design that also takes efficiency into consideration not only ensures an attractive presentation of goods and optimum illumination of the salesroom, but also reduces considerably the energy consumption and thus the costs. This saving allows the initial investment in high-quality lighting tools to be amortised quickly - after which the operators then save in the running costs of the lighting system every single day.

Optimum product presentation using efficient visual comfort

Five factors for great savings potential
Efficient visual comfort - a principle that ERCO has made its own for all lighting tools - is a concept from the real world for the real world. The lighting manufacturer has developed and tested this approach under the harsh economical conditions of the retail trade. The results have shown that the five factors of efficient visual comfort - vertical illuminance, qualitative lighting design, effective lighting technology, intelligent lighting control and efficient light sources - are inter-complementary and mutually enhancing. As such, they open up great potential in architectural lighting for saving resources and reducing costs. With the help of commensurately trained, local lighting consultants sourced from its global sales network, ERCO promises its clientele will be able to exploit this potential successfully.

The entire lifecycle of a lighting system at a glance
Lighting solutions that may appear, at the first glance, to be the cheaper alternative can turn out to be more expensive in the long run. This is especially true when operators focus only on the initial capital costs. Investment in high-quality, specialist lighting tools is something that pays off in the long term however, as can be seen when the overall lifecycle of a lighting system, known as the total cost of ownership, is considered. In addition to the luminaires' procurement and installation, this takes costs for energy, spare lamps and maintenance into the equation as well as indirect overheads such as the air-conditioning costs. The five factors of efficient visual comfort allow users to achieve low running costs long-term, and this quickly compensates for the higher initial outlay.


Optimum product presentation using efficient visual comfort

Best perception, high efficiency
A real-life example shows clearly that superior lighting technology and excellent glare limitation of ERCO products allows operators to reduce the number of luminaires - and therefore also the total connected load - while retaining exactly the same lighting quality. This leads to a lower thermal load, simultaneously reducing the costs for air-conditioning. The precision reflectors or Spherolit lenses direct the light onto the desired target surface with low losses to spill light. Consequently, the high visual comfort results in lower illuminances being necessary for a comparable brightness impression. This ensures the best conditions for perception while at the same time giving the highest economic efficiency, especially when luminaires with efficient LED technology are used. Due to their optimum heat management and electronic control gear, ERCO spotlights with high-quality metal halide lamps and, to an even greater extent, those with LED technology also achieve significantly longer functional lives than more traditional luminaires. Through the interaction of all these factors, the higher investment in good light soon pays off

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