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Precise light for efficient pathway illumination - The ERCO Lightmark and Visor outdoor luminaires

The illumination of pathways, open areas and entrance zones requires focus on maximum efficiency, but equally on great visual comfort. The new ERCO Lightmark and Visor outdoor luminaires meet these requirements supremely - with as little as 6W load. Styled in an architectonic, modular design, the luminaires integrate as a low-key feature into almost any setting. Whereas Lightmark emits the light evenly from a cuboid spread over a large area, Visor is characterised by a round luminaire cover. Be it as façade or bollard luminaire: In daylight, each version blends unobtrusively into its context with a light source that remains discreetly hidden.

Precise light for efficient pathway illumination

As a bollard luminaire, Lightmark and Visor can be positioned as required in the outdoor area to provide optimum orientation - along pathways, car parks edges or terraces. For the illumination of pathways along walls or buildings, the façade version of both outdoor solutions offers an elegant and very natural alternative. Integrated into the façade, its graphic design and smooth surface ensure that the luminaire itself recedes discreetly into the background focusing the attention entirely on the architectural setting. Equally naturally, the light itself is guided precisely where it is needed - thanks to the Dark Sky technology with no spill light above the horizontal plane.

Maximum light from a minimum number of luminaires
Lightmark and Visor offer exceptional efficiency. Both luminaires stand out with highly uniform light distribution from a deep beam - ideal for the illumination of squares - or a wide beam - for pathway lighting. The Lightmark floor washlight allows the luminaires to be spaced up to 5.50m apart, whereas Visor enables spacing of up to 6m - yet each with an efficient connected load of only 6W. Whilst saving energy, the number of required luminaires can be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to ERCO LED technology, maintenance is also minimised.
The gentle gradient of the beam in both versions further ensures excellent visual comfort. It almost goes without saying that the Dark Sky technology of these new outdoor solutions prevents spill light from being emitted above the horizontal plane.

Modular system design for maximum compatibility
Made of powder-coated cast aluminium with a consistently geometric shape, the robust bollard luminaires add design details in their own right to the outdoor architecture. Their striking cover glass gives them a distinct character without competing for attention. With Lightmark and Visor, ERCO has applied its principle of system design consistently throughout both ranges to ensure many different combinations within each range. 


Precise light for efficient pathway illumination

Technical features of Lightmark and Visor
ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, light distributions: wide beam or deep beam,
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal core PCB, light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 or 4000K
Control gear: Switchable 
Housing: Corrosion-resistant cast aluminium, No-Rinse surface treatment, Graphit m double powder-coated 

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posted by Jostein øverby [2019.05.21 - 20:03]
Where can I buy a erco lightmark? I am living in ås, 30 km south of Oslo, Norway. What is the price?
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