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Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2015: A Review of Intelligence

The 2015 Hong Kong Lighting Fair has drawn to a close, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We had the pleasure of meeting with a whole host of new people, and would like to thank everyone that came to visit our stand, learned about our new smart lighting, and showed a real interest in the new products we had on display.

From the moment we attempted to construct our stand, a real buzz surrounded us, and we count the entire event as a smashing success.

Trends found at the show

As well as taking pride in our own offering, we were impressed with what we found on many other stands. We saw some outstanding stand designs and an abundance of innovative and unique products on display - in terms of variety and quality. The architectural area had some amazing new innovative designs as did the outdoor section.

Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2015: A Review of Intelligence

One little light that shined brightly in our eyes was the solar powered Nokero — the world’s most efficient light — that charges its batteries whilst in the sun during the day, then at night provides 25 lumens for six hours. Incredible!

Smart lighting was around every corner. We’re definitely eager to see how and what unfolds in 2016!

Talk is smart




We were also lucky enough to have our partner, Gooee, alongside us on the stand, giving attendees insight into Gooee Inside and the technology behind Aurora’s newest range of luminaires, launching soon. Gooee Vice President of Connected Devices Jon Couch presented on “The Internet of Things: Lighting’s Next Revolution,” one of the hottest topics this year.

Unveiling our Lighting 3.0 and Gooee Inside technology and bringing the smart experience to Hong Kong was the highlight of the event for us, especially being able to share our experience with others attempting to achieve similar ambitions and goals.

Neil Salt, Aurora’s chief marketing officer and head of product, and Jan Kemeling, Gooee’s chief commercial officer, attended the Overseas Breakfast Briefing. Questions were asked about the technology and, in particular, nsense, WIMs, beacons and the gateway.

Parties brightened the nights

Stand parties were popular this year. We visited a few and, of course, held our own. The future of lighting was a hot topic everywhere, and we enjoyed hearing everyone’s perspective.

Wednesday evening we were proud to sponsor and attend the Lux Global Hotlist party, the spectacular annual event that takes place during the lighting fair. It was a wonderful evening and great to see some new and old faces. We congratulate everyone who made this year’s Hotlist.

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