20 Oct 2015 / Occhio /

Gold for Occhio!

We are delighted that our enchanting shade luminaire lei has won the German Design Award Gold 2016. The German Design Award, initiated in 2012 and presented by the German Design Council, is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. The »Gold« award stands for excellence in international design. This special title is given only to the best of the best in each category of the German Design Award. lei's elegant lightness and modifiable emission of light convinced the jury: An adjustable iris enables different lighting moods. If the iris is open directed light radiates outwards. If it is closed the translucent shade is lit up from the inside creating a wonderfully atmospheric light. As if these honors weren't enough — in addition, the lui spotlight has been awarded a German Design Award 2016 »Special Mention«.

Gold for Occhio!


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