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Lighting.eu is the primary information resource for the European and global LED and lighting community. From the manufacturer to the end user, we cover the full spectrum of LED and lighting technology, providing editorial and technical content and resources for the LED and lighting industry.

Lighting.eu features three main components that offer affordable and high value for money opportunities to showcase your brand:

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Beyond Illumination

Lighting.eu supports the European and global lighting industry with information about trends and the latest technological breakthroughs that drive the industry forward. We focus on future light solutions, human centric lighting, smart controls, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Light and Architecture

Effective lighting is the most important factor in the appreciation and understanding of architecture. The quality of lighting in a space defines its character and creates impressions, therefore Lighting.eu features the most innovative lighting projects to showcase the latest technological advances.

Solid-State Lighting

Solid-state lighting refers to a type of lighting that uses LEDs, organic LEDs (OLEDs) and polymer LEDs (PLEDs) as sources of illumination. Lighting.eu features the full spectrum of LED and OLED lighting technology, ranging from LED components to applications and projects, with an emphasis on the latest SSL technology advances.

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